Foster Care

From birth to adulthood thousands of children, each year, require some time away from their family setting because of circumstances that were viewed as unsafe by local authorities. It is on such occasions when Foster Family Agencies are called upon to place a child into a certified foster care home.

Alpha Treatment Centers Foster Family Agency is the original program developed in 1985 my Marilyn Lang.  Marilyn’s vision was to develop programs to assist children to become all that they can be.  The Foster Family Agency has been dedicated to helping abused children and or neglected children in need of out of home care for over 25 years.

The need for quality foster homes is why Alpha is committed to the recruitment, training and maintaining of our homes. It is also our Agency’s responsibility to adhere to the rights, health and welfare of the foster children placed within our agency.

Alpha Treatment Centers has placed over ten thousand foster children into hundreds of certified homes. We understand the difficult task foster parents undertake when asked to assume the parental responsibilities over a “new” child in their home and the stress in dealing with a system that asks much from foster parents while offering little in the way of reward. Yet…

By helping a child through a difficult time in their life, a foster parent becomes a part of that child’s life. The time spent with the child can be from a few days to many years depending on the circumstances surrounding the child’s situation. The influence a foster parent has on a child may be significant and long lasting, therefore, it is Alpha’s goal to assist foster parents in making that influence a positive experience for the child.

Alpha strives in helping our foster parents maintain a safe and welcoming quality that benefits the children that are placed in their home – whether it’s a day, a month, or for years the contact can last a lifetime.

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