Michael and Tracey

We met 12 years ago and have been happily married for the last five years, and our love has grown with each passing day. It says a lot that after 12 years, we still really look forward to seeing each other at the end of the work day. We were married in California but our love of travel and tropical places brought us to Tahiti, where we were married again but this time in a traditional Tahitian wedding by a Tahitian high priest. Surrounded by palm trees, tropical flowers and family we exchanged our vows again. That day remains one of the most happy and memorable days of our lives. By the way…..the high priest only spoke in Tahitian….so really, who know what he was saying. It all sounded good to us though.


One of the main things that bonds us together is our sense of humor and our willingness to find the silver lining on any cloud, our general approach to life is that the glass is always half full.



We are fortunate enough to live in a very safe part of southern California, where we are surrounded by parks and trails. We both love to hike and often end up racing each other some where along the trail, usually ending up in a panting, laughing heap. Our home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a pool in a pretty big back yard, which is always a great place for family and friends to gather.


As strange as it may seem, we also have flocks of hundreds of South American parrots that regularly visit the trees around our house. There are many stories about how the parrots came to be in the area, but how ever they got here…they definitely add a lot of color and a certain amount of squawking to the neighborhood. We really can’t wait to show a child all these wonderful things and we believe that there is opportunity for growth and learning in nearly every experience. 


Tracey is from California, but lived in Alabama and Africa for a while as a child. She still loves to travel. She has been a second grade teacher for the last 12 years and absolutely loves interacting with children….even when the kids are less than cooperative. She is a dedicated educator who goes the extra mile to insure that the children in her care get all the help and stimulation they need to achieve academic success.
Micheal is originally from Ireland but has called the US his home for many years. He is an Animator by profession and has worked for different studios, including Disney and Dreamworks on many well known movies, like “Lord of the Rings”, “Meet the Robinson’s”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, and the “Kung Fu Panda” movies. He also teaches animation classes online a few times a week to students all over the world. Micheal enjoys his career, every year he participates at the elementary school Tracey teaches at for their career day. He also helps instruct a fitness class for Tracey’s second grade students on occasion. Spending time with the children is extremely rewarding to him. Being able to inspire children and show them a different avenue they may be able to take in the future, or helping them become excited about fitness and being healthy is very gratifying.


Education is very important to both of us, but equally important is the personal growth of a child. We believe in encouraging and supporting a child to fulfill his or her dreams, be they academic, artistic, or athletic, so that they can grow to be confident, healthy, capable, fulfilled adults.




Health and fitness are very important to us, and we really enjoy trying to figure out new and healthy ways to cook our favorite meals. However, we can both do justice to a nice big piece of chocolate cake too, every now and then. We both work out regularly, Tracey ran the San Francisco marathon and enjoys doing cross-fit and boot camp. Micheal has studied various martial arts and self defense all his life and regularly teaches martial arts based workouts at a friends gym, but one of his favorite memories is teaching “ The Kinder Kids Karate Class” at the dojo he attended for fifteen years. Interacting with kids and seeing them gradually increase in confidence is such a rewarding experience.

We are very close to our family’s and friends, and make trips to Ireland at least once a year to see the Irish connection. Micheal’s family also visit as often as possible. Tracey’s family live a great deal closer, so we are able to see them more often. We get together for Birthdays and Holidays, but also just on random occasions for a family gatherings.

We live in a very ethnically diverse city and are lucky to have wonderful friends of all ethnicities, The richness of culture around us in turn enhances the richness of our life. Our own family already has a mixture of Irish, African American, Polish and Filipino. We would hope to teach a child to respect and embrace the differences in all people and their cultures. Being a mixed race couple, that is very important to us. Our beautiful nieces are of mixed race and we know that they would lovingly welcome a new family member (and playmate!) of any race into their lives.

Every summer at a local park near us there are free evening concerts with a variety of different styles and genres of music. It’s always a real family and friends occasion, with picnics, smiling faces and lots of kids playing or dancing with their parents. We both have very eclectic tastes in music, anything from R n’ B, heavy rock, soft rock, reggae, alternative, Hawaiian, country, Latin, African, pop…..you name it and you will probably find it on one of our play lists. For fun we enjoy going to the movies, getting together with friends, checking out live events, concerts etc, finding new restaurants or just hanging out at home. We enjoy a lot of the same TV shows, and are big fans of cooking, singing, dancing and travel. The Amazing Race is a must every Sunday evening. So You Think You Can Dance is a big favorite, as is The Voice and American Idol. They are all watched amidst commentary and judging from both of us “ That was kinda pitchy dog “, “ Not too sure about those steps”. It’s all in good fun though, and what we really enjoy is each other’s company as we watch these shows. We both enjoy playing games, but Tracey is the scrabble queen. We try to keep a good balance between the physical and the cerebral side of things.


We love animals and have a cat named Bear, it might sound a little strange…but Bear really is part of the family. We greet him and he greets us back, he complains when there’s no food in his bowl, he sits with us when we watch TV…he definitely has a personality of his very own….but…. he is also one of the laziest cats alive. Some might call him a kitty of leisure…but he really is just plain lazy. An insect can hop, crawl or meander past him, and Bear will just look straight through it. He’s usually too busy propping himself up against a shoe, cushion or even one of our feet to do anything. But, he is a very sweet, good natured cat and reacts very well to strangers and children. I guess a tummy rub is a tummy rub, no matter where it comes from.


Everyone comments on how welcoming our home is and how much warmth they feel when they are here. We have a deep love and respect for each other, and this becomes obvious to anyone who spends even the shortest amount of time in our company. It is a warmth, love and respect that we are looking forward to sharing with a child.


As you may have gathered, we already have a very happy life and our greatest wish is to raise a child in the midst of that happiness with the support of family, extended family and friends….oh yes, and Bear of course.  We appreciate your time in reading about us and our life together, and please know that if you entrust us with the adoption of your child, you will always be respected and honored.

With Warmest Regards,
Micheal and Tracey