Petr and Hana

Hi, we are Petr and Hana. We met in 1998 in the north Czech Republic rock climbing. We talked through a couple of nights and within weeks we moved in together, which surprised many of our friends and families. At that time, Hana was a member of a wild water rafting team and just had started rock climbing. Petr was already experienced rock climber and decided to join Hana on the rivers. We both love active traveling.

When we met, Hana was a registered nurse and Petr was just at the finishing line of his Ph.D. in organic chemistry. His father died when he was three years old from cancer. Petr, from his childhood, was planning to do something to fight the cancer and help to find a cure. Therefore, when one of the offers came from California to join a company that focused on medical research, he accepted. It seemed like the opportunity for a new life in a new place we had not visited before.

We moved to California ten years ago and we love it. Hana took the necessary classes and earned her California RN license. This gave her the opportunity and enough time to find many new friends, enjoy pottery, learn about bronze casting and stone sculpturing, as well as painting. Unfortunately, Petr and our neighbors did not appreciate the idea of loud compressors and power tools in the garage. Lately, Hana finds less time to enjoy her art hobbies in combination with her work schedule. She became an operating room nurse, joined the heart team, and became a clinical coordinator at Saddleback Memorial Hospital Medical Center in Laguna Hills. To become a heart team member was a dream come true for Hana. She had a lot of experience with heart surgeries from Czech. Recently, the time demands of this job made her to decide to officially leave the heart team and just occasionally help out. Her co-workers understood her choice to have a family. Meanwhile, she also completed her bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration.

Becoming parents is very important to us. Hana has already made arrangements with her work schedule to be a mother. Petr has been working for the same company for ten years and is now a laboratory director. His work schedule is flexible, so we are ready to share in the joys of parenting.

Our new lives took us far from our families and friends. This was a new experience for us. It taught us the lesson of how important friends and family are, and how much we missed them. Fortunately, our families and friends visit us quite often. Through new beginnings, our lives are richer with many new friends that became our new family here. This new, tight, community of friends covers areas from San Diego to San Francisco. This gives us innumerable opportunities to socialize, and share joys in our lives, and help each other in hard times. Our new baby will be a baby for all of us to love and cherish. Thanks to this network of friends, our baby will have many aunties and uncles to enjoy.

We live in Costa Mesa, Orange County. Our community is surrounded by parks with a back gate to a trail which takes you to the beach. It is a beautiful one mile walk to the river mouth. When buying this house, we already thought about a child friendly place. Hana’s artistic touch makes our home warm and welcoming. Our community has an interesting mountain character and is nicely secluded on the bottom of a small canyon. The character of the place is supported by many grown trees. Coming home always feels great as the view opens up driving down the hill. As we said, we love to be active and our neighborhood is ideal for our active lifestyle. We know many of our neighbors and our good relationships are strengthened by friendly activities like pot-lucks and tennis tournaments.

The world is beautiful and California is an awesome place to live. Surfing and bicycling always reminds us of how wonderful life is. Whether traveling through Asia, Europe and Americas, or sitting on a board in the ocean, or hiking the mountains, the joy would be doubled if it could be shared with a child. Unfortunately, after two years of hormonal therapy and an emotional rollercoaster, we had to consider other options.

To be honest with you, the journey to the adoption decision was not easy for us. Thinking about other fertility treatments, adoption, or giving up on the dream to be a family led us to the right decision. To have a baby is what we wish for, and we are excited and ready to take on the responsibility. We would love to raise a child in a harmonious environment. We are ready to share our joy of life with a baby, and finally fulfill our dreams to be parents. We are eager to share all of our love and support so our child will reach good educational goals and a future career. Even though we are coming from a different background, our lives, ethical and moral values are the same as those around us. We would like to raise our child with a clear understanding of what is right and wrong and to help him/her to become a happy and successful person.

We would like the open adoption to be a positive experience for all involved. If you would feel more comfortable speaking with us in person or would just like to learn more about us, please contact Alpha Adoption Agency.
Petr & Hana
Hana about Petr:

Petr was born with his twin sister in Brno, Czech Republic to a traditional family with Italian heritage. His parents supported them both while they worked to reach their dreams. Petr became a chemist, his sister a ballerina in Vienna. Petr is a loving and supportive person who can calm and comfort anyone with his caring attitude and behavior. His hobbies are uncountable. He loves to surf, ride a bicycle, hike, travel or just be leisurely and watch TV. I admire his wide array of hobbies and knowledge. I am lucky to have someone with such a great sense of humor and warm personality, that I can call my soul mate.
Petr about Hana:

Hana was born in Prague, Czech Republic. She, with her younger brother, had a chance to be raised in a very open environment, non-traditional family. She is definitely the most open person I have ever met. This may be one of the reasons why she gains, keeps and enjoys friendships with so many people. She has calmed down with her sport hobbies a bit, now enjoying hiking, bicycling, surfing and paddle boarding. She is just as happy to go for a walk or read a good book. I do not remember seeing her doing nothing in a long time, boredom is never an issue.