About Us

In 1985, a California non-profit corporation was set up in for the general purpose of the prevention of cruelty to children, charitable, and/or educational purposes. This company was founded by Marilyn Lang, M.S. and named Alpha Treatment Centers.  Ms. Lang was a former child protection social worker with San Bernardino County Social Services.  While with Child Protective Services Ms. Lang was often unsettled by the number of failed placements children often had to contend with, and the obvious lack of appropriate foster care homes capable of providing treatment. In 1987, ATC was developed to meet the needs of these children. Alpha Treatment Centers Foster Family Agency has grown over the years, thanks to the hard work of many dedicated and talented employees, some of whom volunteered their time to get the agency started. We are now serving four Southern California Counties (Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles) and facilitating hundreds of children; giving them a chance for a better future, and preventing the need for group homes or institutional care. 


In 2008, Alpha extended their services to include adoptions, allowing many foster children to find permanent and loving homes. Alpha Adoption Centers is dedicated to finding appropriate matches for adoptive children and families. Alpha Adoption Centers’ philosophy is that everyone needs a forever family and that no one ever outgrows this need.  We hope to encourage and teach prospective adoptive parents that some of the older children may have developed dysfunctional cognitive processes and behavioral problems as a means of coping with life experiences, but that, these children are still worthwhile persons entitled to a functional family.  Alpha Adoption Centers’ social workers will focus on restructuring these thought processes to further positive behavioral and cognitive goals.   


We recently celebrated our 25th anniversary in June 2012.  What better way to celebrate than to embrace our community and open our doors to the general public. Alpha Adoption Centers welcomes you to join us as we embark on a very exciting journey: private adoptions!


Birth mothers can contact us from anywhere in the United States. We provide complete domestic adoption services, home study to finalization. We are non-sectarian and do accept all applicants. Our philosophy is to provide services all adoptive families, birth mothers and birth fathers and treat them with respect. We have a team of social workers who provide education and support to families throughout the home study and adoption process.

We have neo-natal nurses available (optional) to help relieve anxiety over dealing with a newborn. We realize that even veteran parents can experience apprehension when first dealing with an infant. The nurses are available to accompany the adoptive parents to the newborn and provide their expertise in relation to any issues regarding the newborn.


Mission Statement


The mission of Alpha Adoption Centers is to successfully find and match adoptable children with families that can meet each child’s individual needs.  Our goal is to know what the child’s needs are and to have an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the families so that each child’s specific needs may be met throughout their lifetime. In addition to this, we are determined to match birth mothers with suitable adoptive parents for their infants. Our vision is that all children, in need of a family, will have a forever family.

  • Free Professional Training
  • SAFE Home Study Assessment
  • Parent to Child matching upon certification
  • Pre-placement visits and help with transitioning
  • Assistance with the Finalization Process
  • Support Groups (Pre and Post Adoptions)


For more information on Alpha Treatment Centers, the parent company of Alpha Adoptions, please visit our foster care website at: